Why you should let your Cookie Dough rest before Baking

Ok, so you’re happily mixing away ingredients, looking forward to some scrummy chocolate chip cookies when… hold up! Does that recipe say REST FOR 5HRS?? But WHY?

For a cookie with a chewy texture you need to encourage gluten strands to form. Gluten strands form with either kneading, or time, or both. Over-kneading cookies can encourage too much gluten and make for a crunchy/crispy texture. Letting the dough rest allows gluten strands to form slowly for more of a chew.

When developing recipes for Treehouse Bakery, cookies were rigorously tested at different durations of rest. Anything rested less than 5hrs had no chew, and lacked flavour. Anything rested more than 24hrs was indistinguishable from less than 24hrs (i.e. there’s no harm, but also no point).


You’ll need 5hrs minimum time resting in the fridge for a delicious and chewy cookie. Ok, look the world won’t implode if you bake your cookies straight away, but believe me when I tell you: It. Is. Worth. The. Wait.

Try out all the flavours of cookies we have on offer:

TIP: freeze your cookie dough pre-rolled into balls (golf-ball size is good) and bake from frozen as and when.


Delicious Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

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