VeganISH: The case for part-time Veganism

Here we are at the end of Veganuary and you’re still on the fence about where to go from here. You sure missed real cheese on your pizza but on the flip side you like feeling all smug about eating food that’s better for the planet, animals, and your body. It is a conundrum. 


Actually, I’ll argue that there’s no dilemma here at all. You can be vegan-ish. It’s totally ok to be a part-time vegan. AND I even think you can still tell people you are a vegan if that’s what you want to do. 

Think of it like this: Let’s say you’re a graphic designer. You spend five days a week working at your agency doing your designing. Then you go home on a Friday afternoon and you don’t do a damn design-y thing all weekend. When someone asks, “Hey, what do you do for work?” you wouldn’t feel the teeniest bit guilty about saying that you are a Graphic Designer. Because you are! Ok, now let’s say five days a week you eat exclusively plants. You put oat milk in your coffee, eat lentils for tea every night, and have an emergency pack of nooch in your desk drawer. Then you go home on a Friday afternoon and eat whatever you feel like for the whole weekend. You are as much a vegan as you are a graphic designer. 

Of course the boundaries don’t have to be so strictly marked either. Maybe you eat plants for breakfast and lunch and slip in some dairy for your evening meal. Perhaps you can happily eat lentils and beans and tofu until the cows (*cough* I mean avocados) come home, but a fried egg on a Sunday morning is your church. Only you can decide what exceptions are suitable for you. And that brings me nicely on to my next point…

There are no vegan police!

No one is going to lock you up for breaking any “rules“. In fact, all of the vegans I know (there are a few) are the complete opposite. Trying is what is important. Making an effort to eat mostly plants is an amazing thing to do for the planet, for your health and for animal welfare. 

Didn’t realise there was mayo on that sandwich? No biggie. 

Caved after a rough week and bought a maccies? It happens. 

Couldn’t bear another conversation about veganism with your uncle so you just ate the damn cheese? I got your back, sister! 

When you slip up…

These slip ups don’t mean you “aren’t a real vegan” or “failed veganuary”. It’s all part of the journey. And I think you’ll find that we’re a supportive bunch over here on the green side. Join us and you’ll find a whole team of cheerleaders who will support you through the ups and downs of becoming a vegan, or becoming veganISH.

Not convinced? Watch this TedTalk by Graham Hill about weekday vegetarianism. Note, it is 12 years old: TedTalk.

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