Sustainable Entrepreneur

Our People: An Entrepreneur with a Sustainable Vision

Meet The Entrepreneur : Stephanie Marshall

I’m the Owner and Director of Treehouse Bakery. I don’t often think of myself as an entrepreneur, but that almost certainly has more to do with the cultural associations of that word than it has to do with me. My vision has nothing to do with 100 hour work weeks, private jets, or a pre-assumed wardrobe. I launched Treehouse Bakery because I think all of our kitchens can be a little more sustainable. While I’ve got lots of emotional support around me, the business isn’t teams of people; it’s just me!

I’m the one making the vegan baking kits for your eco-friendly sweet tooth. As you can probably guess, I love trees – a lot. From years working in commercial bakeries across the UK, I have built up a wealth of expertise in developing recipes that simply work. Treehouse Bakery exists to bring that expertise to home bakers, in an eco-friendly way that doesn’t harm the planet. It’s that simple.

Sustainable Entrepreneur

A Vision for more Sustainable Baking

Treehouse Bakery is a startup driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. Founded in 2020, my own experiences in commercial kitchens inspired me to create a baking business that tackles food waste and plastic packaging. With a clear vision of offering waste-free baking, Treehouse Bakery is dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our vegan baking kits are thoughtfully packaged in environmentally friendly materials, and we continuously strive to minimise waste throughout our production process. Join us on our journey to bake delicious treats while protecting the planet.

The environment

I think it’s our duty to leave the planet just a little better than we found it. That’s why I focus on vegan recipes that have a smaller carbon footprint than their omni alternatives. It’s also why I spend a lot of time and energy looking for the most sustainable packaging out there. As a sustainable entrepreneur, I prioritise building a business that promotes environmental sustainability and social responsibility. In the post-pandemic era, it’s crucial for small businesses to help reduce plastic waste, carbon emissions, and environmental degradation. At Treehouse Bakery, we believe in showing how sustainable alternatives can make the world a better place. From sourcing organic products to using recyclable and reusable packaging made from recycled plastic, we strive to make a positive impact. By developing vegan recipes and using environmentally-friendly materials, we contribute to the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. Together, through entrepreneurial action and sustainable business models, we can create a brighter future for our planet.

Home Baking

Home Baking

Is there anyone who doesn’t have fond memories of home baking? I don’t think so. I’ve made towering cakes that are too pretty to eat, but I think the real magic happens when you lick the spoon, take a sneaky taste the moment it comes out the oven, and discover a bit of flour in your hair. My recipes aren’t designed to be Pinterest-perfect. Real people baking in real kitchens are the heart of every single recipe I create. The experience of baking with someone you love (even if that someone is yourself) is the most important part of any of my kits.


14 hour work days in a professional kitchen aren’t unusual. And while I thrived in that environment for a little while, now my family is my priority. You’ll often find me sparring with the toughest negotiator I know – my daughter. And if I’m not forest bathing with my two dogs, I’m probably enjoying a long drive with my husband, discussing all the world’s problems and putting them to rights. Sustainability, in this sense, goes beyond the environment and applies to my day-to-day life.


And speaking of putting the world to rights, striving for equity is high on my agenda. As I build a team around me to work in the Treehouse, I am committed to building a diverse team, paying fair wages, and providing opportunity for my team to grow and advance. I work with contractors whose value align with my own. I’m working towards a supply chain that is completely fair trade and values the welfare of the workers at every level. I think there are enough cookies in the world for everyone to get their fair share. No one should be stuck with the smaller half.

Sustainable Development Goals - Growth and Success

Treehouse Bakery embodies the essence of sustainable entrepreneurship. As a sustainable entrepreneur, I prioritise social responsibility and environmental sustainability in my business model. I am committed to reducing the environmental impact of my operations, offering sustainable alternatives to traditional baking products, and promoting recycling and composting to help reduce waste. From sourcing sustainable materials to using recyclable and reusable packaging, every decision is made with the goal of minimising our carbon footprint. Treehouse Bakery takes corporate social responsibility seriously, striving to contribute to environmental sustainability and support local businesses. By building a business that is environmentally friendly, I aim to inspire others and show that sustainable entrepreneurship is both achievable and impactful. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world, one delicious and sustainable treat at a time.

Sustainable Business Model - Eco Kitchen

At Treehouse Bakery, we are dedicated to maintaining a zero waste kitchen as part of our commitment to social entrepreneurship and sustainability. We believe in offering eco-conscious products that minimise our impact on the environment. By prioritising sustainable practices and reducing plastic pollution, we aim to inspire activism and promote a small-scale, environmentally-friendly approach. Together, we can make a difference by minimising waste and showing the world that a zero waste lifestyle is achievable. Join us in our mission to create a future where nothing is needlessly thrown away, and together we can pave the way for a more sustainable world.

Sustainable Entrepreneur - Making Better Choices

At Treehouse Bakery, sustainability is at the core of everything I do. I believe that every aspect of the business needs to go hand in hand with sustainable practices. It’s not just about using sustainable ingredients or packaging; we also prioritise less obvious areas. I have carefully chosen a green web host, ensuring that my online presence is sustainably managed. The courier service was also selected based on their commitment to eco-friendly practices, reducing our carbon footprint during deliveries. Moreover, I strive to operate on clean energy sources, minimising our impact on the environment. By taking these less obvious steps, I align ourselves with sustainable brands and address pressing environmental issues in more comprehensive ways.

Treehouse Bakery: Sustainable Entrepreneur In The Media

Discover the media buzz surrounding Treehouse Bakery! From being featured in Manchester World as the go-to vegan home-baking kits created by our talented founder, Stephanie, to appearing in Huffington Post’s Veganuary article, our journey has garnered attention. We’ve also made headlines in local news outlets like Heatons Post, showcased in IndyBest’s roundup of top kids’ baking kits, and even caught the eye of ITV Granada, highlighting the rise of home baking during lockdown. Refinery29 celebrated Stephanie as one of the inspiring women entrepreneurs, while World Bakers recognised our launch of vegan cake kits.