Reducing Waste when it comes to Baking

Buy Nice, Not Twice

The best quality equipment you can reasonably afford is generally going to last you longer than the cheapest option. For larger items like an electric mixer, food processor or bread maker – do your research. Read reviews and invest in the good stuff that’ll stick around for a while.

(within reason, everyone’s resources are different and I’m not suggesting paying for top of the line equipment you can’t afford)

Reusable Everything!

Baking paper, cupcake liners, and piping bags all have really good reusable alternatives. If you can’t find reusable, check that these products are compostable. Most baking paper isn’t. And to the previous point, if you have good quality non-stick tins you often don’t need to line them at all.

Buy Only What You Need. Use Up Your Leftovers.

Hands up who has a six-year-old jar of cream of tartare at the back of the cupboard? I’m guilty! Google creative uses for those odd leftover ingredients. You’ll be surprised what you can find. Or consider a baking kit with pre-measured ingredients to avoid leftovers altogether. (shameless plug)


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