Pinky Promise

In the Treehouse we double and triple test our recipes to make sure your bakes are always tip-top! We also hold sacred the power of the pinky promise. So, if you follow our recipe and your bake still flops, we’ll send you another Baker Box and troubleshoot the recipe with you to make sure it comes out perfect the next time.

A flop means your bake has not worked at all. Maybe your cake sunk in the middle, or your cookies melted into puddles, or your loaf looks more like a giant biscuit. These things definitely shouldn’t happen with any of our recipes so we’ll do whatever we can to rectify it.

Sometimes, though, you may not be happy with your bake even though things didn’t go totally wrong. We think all of our bakes are yummy, but there’s no accounting for taste. If you simply don’t like the end product, that’s super sad but it’s not a flop.

Our recipes are developed for bakers of all levels by bakers with years of experience. This means the pictures you see on our website and social media are the pinnacle of what can be achieved with one of our baking kits. Your final decoration may not look exactly like our photos simply because we’ve had years of practice making bakes look pretty. A professional photo can be quite forgiving too. We do think the photos are good representations of what you should aim for, but don’t be too disappointed if your end product is teeny bit lopsided. It just adds to the charm!

The shelf-life of your baking kit can’t be guaranteed past the Best Before date stamped on your box. Bakes may not be successful if the ingredients have sat around for a while, so get baking ASAP! When you get in touch, please send a copy of your delivery confirmation with the date you got your baking kit. You’ll also need to send photos of your finished product. These don’t need to be very professional, but the more detail you can include the quicker it will be for us to identify the issue and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

If you have unfortunately had a true flop then please fill out this form to get in touch

Pinky Promise