Common Problems when baking Brownies and how to avoid them

Remember last season of Bake Off when everyone tried to over-complicate their brownies and they all went tits up? And these are people who are really good at baking! It’s not easy to get that perfect crispy film of a crust on top, an unctuous gooey middle, all in a texture that holds together and doesn’t just go immediately to mush in your mouth.
Well, I’ve done the graft for you on this one. ✋❤️ Hand on my heart, I have tested countless recipes to come up with this one and it works every time! Don’t faff about. Just go and buy my brownie kit. It’s a winner.

Common Brownie Fails

  • Too Cakey: over cooked, or too much flour
  • Too Gooey: under cooked, or not enough flour
  • Too Bitter: wrong balance of chocolate and fat
  • Too Greasy: too much fat or fat didn’t melt with chocolate sufficiently
  • Lack flavour: not enough sugar or chocolate, too much flour
  • Burn easily: too much sugar, oven temp too high
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Trust the experience.

I have baked tens of thousands of brownies in my career. I have tested dozens of recipes including omni, gluten free, raw, sugar free, and plant based.

The recipe I developed for Treehouse is the best brownie I have ever made. I never need to try another recipe again, and neither do you.


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