5 Spooky Ideas for Vegan Halloween Baking

Lately I’ve been feeling that autumn and all of it’s festivities are so fleeting. Like, we get through back-to-school and then Christmas is on the doorstep. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when Christmas turns up early! But do you ever find yourself scrambling to sort Halloween amidst the tinsel and mince pies?

If you’re like me in this department you’ll be looking for quick and easy solutions to make your home feel spooky. So I’ve got your sorted: no special recipes, no elaborate plans. Just simply adaptations to your favourite recipes to help make them fit for a macabre masquerade.

Here are 5 ideas to turn your favourite vegan bakes into halloween masterpieces:

  1. Graveyard Treats

A sure fired way to turn any treat from run-of-the-mill to Truly Terrifying is to slap “RIP” on it. Vegan Brownies and Blondies make for the perfect coffins. Just add a spooky gravestone with whatever biscuit you have handy. Lotus biscuits are good headstones as are bourbon biscuits (which are accidentally vegan, by the way).

Try this vegan halloween treat with my best selling Biscoff Blondies. Like I did

Try to make these vegan halloween brownies and blondies by adding macabre headstones to make a creepy scene.

2. Gingerbread Ghouls

A good vegan cookie for Halloween is your friendly neighbourhood Gingerbread Man. I do love a gingerbread man; they’re tasty and so very adaptable. For halloween you can make your gingerbread men into vampires, skeletons or mummies. Or if you want something a bit more gruesome, serve them with missing limbs dripping with bloody red icing. 

Try this Halloween baking hack with my vegan Gingerbread biscuit mix

Halloween options are endless when it comes to Gingerbread Men. Try vegan vampires, gingerbread mummies, skeletons, or even gruesome dismembered gingerbread men.

3. Basic No-bake Halloween

Quick! You’ve run out of time but your kids just need a plant based halloween-y treat to take to the neighbourhood party! I’ve got you covered. Dip strawberries in melted vegan white chocolate (such as Moo Free). Dot with three dots of chocolate for eyes and a mouth: You’ve got ghosts! 

Looking for a vegan halloween cookie instead? Stick pretzel sticks into double stuffed oreos, add some eyes and you’ve got creepy crawly spiders. These could not be easier to do and yet still have the spooky impact you are after. 

It doesn't get much easier that no-bake desserts for Halloween; try strawberry ghosts or oreo spiders.

4. Cobwebs on everything

A cobweb pattern looks so impressive but is actually really easy to achieve. Check out my latest video on tiktok where I make easy spider webs on top of my accidentally vegan ritz cracker cookies. You can make cobwebs on top of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, tray bakes, cheesecakes and more… The possibilities are endless.

Try turning my vegan chocolate chip cookies into halloween themed spiderwebs.

Turn your favourite vegan bake into a Halloween spooktacular by piping a simple but impressive cobweb pattern on top.

5. Spooky pie crust

Did you know that most ready-made pastry is vegan? I covered it recently in my Accidentally Vegan series on TikTok. Ready made shortcrust pastry is very easy to work with and you can make all kinds of halloween patterns on top of your favourite fruit pie. An apple pie would work well and of course is seasonal. But a raspberry or blackberry pie adds an extra macabre element to look like blood oozing out of eyes and mouth. 

Keep it vegan and serve your pie with oat cream or Swedish Glace ice cream.

Turn your favourite dessert pie into a halloween masterpiece taking inspiration from The Night Before Christmas, Scream, or make your own frightening face.

Go forth and be spooky.

I’ve given you easy Halloween adaptations for whatever you are baking this autumn. Which idea has inspired you to get in the kitchen? Each of the points above has links to where you can get the things you need or find more info. Scroll back up and click through to your faves.

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Happy Halloween!


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