5 Benefits of Baking for your Mental Health

It’s the time of year when the nights draw in and with them, the winter blues. Many people experience a dip in mood during the winter months when the skies are grey and our Vitamin D is low. Getting in the kitchen and making something yummy can help to lift your spirits. Here are some of the benefits of baking to improve your mental health.

  1. Stress Relief. Baking can be very calming and movements like kneading dough or beating cake mix have been shown to reduce anxiety and reduce the chance of depression. I think we all relate to the feeling of release after a tough meeting or a nagging phone call to just let a bit of dough have it as you channel that frustration into something that will turn out delicious.
  2. Improves Appetite. Loss of appetite or loss of interest in food are common symptoms of low mood. The act of baking stimulates all five senses and can help you to enjoy your food more. The feel of the flour, the smell of bakes, watching the frosting go on, the sound of the spoon scraping the bowl, the taste of cake batter licked from your fingers; all help to stimulate the senses and build up a healthy appetite.

3. Brings back Memories.

I’ve got lots of happy memories of baking with friends and family from a bunch of different times in my life. I’d wager I’m not alone here. As a high-sensory activity, baking is a good trigger for old memories. Relishing in fond memories, and building some new ones is a sure way to chase away those winter woes.

4. Uses Creativity.

Exercising your creative muscles is a proven way to improve mood and reduce the risk of depression. Maybe you can paint or draw, or play music, or you’re an ace potter… but if, like lots of other people, you struggle to find a creative outlet, then baking is great shout. It’s easy and accessible for pretty much anyone (especially if you use a baking kit).

5. Relieves Eco-Anxiety.

I don’t think eco-anxiety is new, but maybe our understanding of it is improving. Lots of us worry about the impact our actions are having on the planet. I know it can keep me up at night wondering if I’m doing more harm than good. Well, with a baking kit from Treehouse Bakery, you know that your bakes are also kind to the Earth. With all plant based ingredients, and completely compostable packaging, you haven’t got to worry about the footprint of these treats.


If you’re someone who really struggles through winter, then maybe try some baking. See if any of these benefits of baking help improve your mood. And if nothing else, eating some delicious brownies has to have at least short-term benefits 🙂


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