4 Easy, Free Christmas Activities

Not going to lie, I’m a Buddy The Elf-style Christmas enthusiast. But the overconsumption and spend-spend-spend culture that comes this time of year really gives me the ick. So here are some free Christmas activities to make memories with friends and family. (Other than baking, of course.) Best of all, they won’t cost you a penny!

Get into the festive spirit with Free Christmas Activities

1. Build a Blanket Den – Christmas Spirit build from the things in your very own living room

Regardless of age, the fun of creating a snug hideaway never fades. Gather an assortment of soft pillows, plump cushions, and a heap of blankets. Use a broom handle as a sturdy support and secure it all together with clothes pegs, making a perfect hideout to snuggle within. For an extra touch of enchantment, position the den strategically to offer a picturesque view of the twinkling Christmas tree. Extra points for adorning the den with twinkling fairy lights, adding a magical glow to the snug space.

As evening descends, savor the warmth and comfort within the den with a steaming cup of hot cocoa, the perfect companion for a cozy night in. Embrace the spirit of the season by inviting loved ones to join in, enjoy the closeness and laughter as you make festive memories together, wrapped in the snug embrace of your homemade haven.

2. Nature Crafts – free and fun way to jazz up your gift wrapping

Mother nature gives us better decorations than any store could ever offer. Take a walk in the woods and gather cool stuff like pine cones, leaves, and funky branches that catch your eye. These goodies can jazz up your gift wrapping or become awesome tree ornaments. Let your imagination run wild and get crafty! Nature’s gifts are super versatile and can make your presents look extra special. You can tie them on gifts or stick them onto your tree – they’ll make everything look so cool and unique. It’s like bringing a bit of the outdoors inside for Christmas! And maybe best of all, it’s a virtually free Christmas activity.

Get your family or friends involved too; it’s a blast to create together. Every gift and ornament becomes a story of your adventure in the woods, making your Christmas extra special and full of nature’s magic!

3. Book or Movie Club – you don’t have to spend loads to get in the Christmas spirit

Organizing free Christmas activities like a Book or Movie Club is an absolute blast, especially for staying connected with those far away while creating heartwarming memories. It’s all about bringing the festive spirit to life! Choose a beloved holiday-themed book or movie, making it the center of your shared experience. Pick a night to watch the movie at the same time, or begin reading the book collectively at the start of the month, aiming to catch up for a cozy chat after a week or so. (My sister and I book-clubbed ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens last year and we both learned a thing or two about an old story we thought we knew well.)

During or after the movie, jump on a video call to share laughter, thoughts, and favorite moments. Similarly, discussing chapters of the festive book allows for shared excitement and anticipation. It’s like hosting a mini, long-distance festive party!

4. Festive Games – The ultimate free Christmas activities

You don’t need to buy a new board game to play. You just need some imagination for free Christmas activities to enjoy with the whole family. My favourites are charades or who’s on my head.

A fun one for all ages is dress up pass the parcel. Go round the house picking up bits of clothing – the more the bizarre the better. Wrap one thing in each layer. Then you play by the rules of pass the parcel. If the music stops while you’re holding the parcel, you’ve got to put on that garment. Everyone will remember Granny in the lacy bra and Dad wearing a princess crown! Important note: items go on over your existing outfit – there’s no stripping involved in this family fun game.

Let me know if you try any of these easy, free ways to enjoy Christmas this year. And if you want to add baking to your list of festive activities, check out these 3 Irresistible Vegan Christmas Desserts.


Get into the festive spirit with Free Christmas Activities

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