3 Irresistible Vegan Christmas Desserts

If you’re hosting Christmas and worried that the vegans will feel a little left out when it comes to dessert – keep reading! Or you are vegan and want to make sure that your guests feel the puds are extra special and not a vegan downgrade of their actual favourite… I got you. 

A brief story in which Vegan Christmas Baking saves the day:

I’m quite proud of my 33 years most days. I have no issue with ageing. In fact, I love it. Every year my life gets better and I’ll never quite grasp the shame that culture puts on getting older. That is, except for one day of the year: Christmas. On Christmas Day I am, and forever will be, six years old. My eyes blink open at minutes after 5am, my heart instantly filled with anticipation. I can just about keep it together while the family sleepily empty our stockings all crowded into one bed. But the moment that last key ring or lip balm is pulled from a fuzzy festive toe – it’s present time!! I’m sorry, I’m not waiting any longer. I’m sure as hell not waiting for someone to cook breakfast! 

Alas, I am human and I tend quite heavily towards an extremely grumpy sugar low. Will I stop opening presents to eat? I will not. Will I make it through the whole shebang without sustenance? I will not. There’s only one thing for it: snacking while unwrapping. I’m prepared for this. I’ve thought ahead. On Christmas Eve each year I bake my fruity Festive Wreath. It’s ready and waiting to be sliced and shared under the tree on Christmas morning. It gives us all the boost we need to make it through until the next moment of the day we can gorge ourselves on goodies. 

I thought this was about Vegan Christmas Desserts

Dessert for breakfast probably isn’t for everyone. (But, seriously, who are you people?) At any rate, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without an irresistible dessert, or two. So here’s 3 Vegan Desserts to buy. Bake them yourself at home with my easy baking kits. 

  1. Festive Fruit and Almond Wreath

I’ve already said that I absolutely love this for breakfast, but it also makes a beautiful and unique addition to the dessert table. No shade to Auntie Marie’s orange cake but – been there, done that. Sticking to the recipe in the kit will produce a stunning pud. If you are looking for something extra special for your vegan Christmas baking, add vegan cream cheese to the icing. The slight sourness of the cheese works perfectly with the plump, sweet fruit. This is one that’s bound to become tradition in your home.

2. Gingerbread House

It’s a crowd pleaser and the kids will love making it. In the interest of transparency, I will also happily eat gingerbread for breakfast. Whether you serve it first thing or last thing, a good cup of coffee with a crunchy bit of gingerbread to dip is hard to beat. It’s the original flavour of Christmas.

There is nothing more festive than a gingerbread house that is the perfect addition to your vegan dessert table.

3. Florentines

You’ll have to be quick to join in my baking subscription box to get this recipe. Sure, Florentines can be perennial, but they’re extra special at Christmas. Not only are these biscuits vegan, they are also gluten free!! Not to mention they are a classic old fashioned biscuit. So you’ll be hit with every generation when you bring these fancy cookies out for dessert. 

Look no further than these florentines for a Vegan Christmas Dessert to buy

Irresistible Puds for All

Vegans definitely don’t have to miss out on dessert this Christmas. These three baking kits will each turn out an irresistible dessert that will tempt the whole family. As always, I recommend dessert for breakfast – especially at Christmas! Whatever time of day you enjoy these recipes, I’m sure they will become a new Christmas tradition for you and your family. 

Order your baking kit now to avoid disappointment. You can opt for a later delivery date to make sure your kit is in top knick when you’re ready to bake. 


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