3 ideas for spoiling the mum who likes baking (but really eating)

Confession time: I’m a mum and I love baking. But really, I love eating baked things. Ok that probably wasn’t so much a confession as just a really obvious fact everyone already knew about me. But does it ring any bells? Think back to your Mum in the kitchen baking you some after school treats… I remember my mum licking the spoon and taking the nicest looking cupcake for herself. And now I’m the mother, I do believe I am just the same. What I’m saying here is: baking is super as long as I get to scoff the delectable delights at the end of the day. I reckon your mum would agree.

Here are 3 ideas for those mums who like baking (but really eating) this Mother’s Day…

Bake with her

Have you got one of those mums who when you ask her what she wants for mothers day she says: “Oh nothing, just to spend time with you, my darling”. Yeah… we’ve all heard that line before. Here’s an idea: spend time with her in the kitchen. Bake something together. It’s fantastic quality time: it’s nostalgic, it’s sensory, it’s appropriate for all ages. Get your family together in the kitchen with Mum and I’m sure there will be laughter and reminiscing and happiness all round.

“Rises in home baking popularity during pandemic expected to be sustained until at least 2025”

Bake for her

Ok, so spending time together may not be on the cards. But who doesn’t love a box full of home-baked goodies? Your Mum will be thrilled when you hand over your baked-with-love gift.

gift box of cookies for mum

Let her do the baking

Oh! Your mum actually likes the baking part more than the eating part? Then give her the gift of baking. A one off baking kit is sweet, but six months of baking kits delivered straight to her door – now that’s a wonderful gift. 

Mother’s Day is one of those wholesome days where we just talk about how awesome all mums are and shower our mums in compliments and praise. Baking is the most wholesome activity and gift to bring the day to life. 


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