Vegan Baking Kits
for your Eco-Conscious Sweet Tooth

Easy, wholesome recipes with all the ingredients you need delivered to your home

Stephanie is an entrepreneur with a sustainable vision

Vegan Baking Subscription Box

Are you ready to embark on a monthly culinary adventure with exclusive recipes and a touch of eco-consciousness? Look no further than my irresistible monthly baking subscription box. Indulge your passion for baking while being kind to the planet, as I provide you with all the necessary ingredients and a mini magazine packed with engaging articles about baking, the environment, and so much more. Join our community of baking enthusiasts and discover a world of flavours, creativity, and sustainability at your fingertips.

Vegan Baking Kits

Treehouse Bakery makes Baking Kits with easy, wholesome recipes with all the ingredients you need pre-measured and packed into compostable packaging. We deliver all around the UK from our Treehouse in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Zero Waste Packaging

We’ll never send you anything packaged in single-use plastic. We’re committed to using sustainable packaging solutions so you can recycle, reuse or compost everything we send – no waste.

Plant Based Baking

Wholesale Vegan Baking Kits

Our plant based recipes help to protect the environment by reducing your reliance on dairy products for baked goods. We promise you’ll hardly be able to notice the lack of eggs, but the planet will thank you

Creating a greener, more sustainable world,
one scrumptious bite at a time

Did you know that a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the agricultural industry, with animal farming contributing to a staggering 53% of food-related emissions? While we may have limited influence over national energy policies or global trade, we all hold the power to make conscious choices about what we consume. It’s a fact that our dietary decisions can either support or harm the planet.

Whether you proudly embrace a vegan lifestyle or still savour the occasional bacon sandwich on weekends, you can indulge in delectable baked goods that are entirely plant-based. By opting for vegan baking, you’re making a positive impact on the environment because these treats are free from eggs and dairy. Discover more about the benefits of plant-based baking on our insightful blog. Join us in creating a greener, more sustainable world, one scrumptious bite at a time.

Treehouse Bakery In The Media

Discover the media buzz surrounding Treehouse Bakery! From being featured in Manchester World as the go-to vegan home-baking kits created by our talented founder, Stephanie, to appearing in Huffington Post’s Veganuary article, our journey has garnered attention. We’ve also made headlines in local news outlets like Heatons Post, showcased in IndyBest’s roundup of top kids’ baking kits, and even caught the eye of ITV Granada, highlighting the rise of home baking during lockdown. Refinery29 celebrated Stephanie as one of the inspiring women entrepreneurs, while World Bakers recognised our launch of vegan cake kits.